baritone clef

баритоновый ключ

English-Russian musical dictionary. 2014.

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  • baritone clef — Music. an F clef locating F below middle C on the third line of the staff. * * * …   Universalium

  • baritone clef — Music. an F clef locating F below middle C on the third line of the staff …   Useful english dictionary

  • Clef — For other uses, see Clef (disambiguation). Treble and bass clefs shown with names of the notes. A clef (French: clef key ) is a musical symbol used to indicate the pitch of written notes.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • clef — /klef/, n. Music. a symbol placed upon a staff to indicate the name and pitch of the notes corresponding to its lines and spaces. Cf. bass clef, treble clef, C clef. [1570 80; < MF < L clavis key] * * * I (French; key ) Musical notation symbol at …   Universalium

  • baritone — (n.) c.1600, from It. baritono, from Gk. barytonos deep toned, deep sounding, from barys heavy, deep, also, of sound, strong, deep, bass (see GRAVE (Cf. grave) (adj.)) + tonos tone (see TENET (Cf. tenet)). Technically, ranging from lower A in… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Baritone saxophone — Infobox Instrument color1=#FFD700 color2=#FFEC8B name=Baritone saxophone classification= *Wind *Woodwind *Aerophone range= lower. Many models include the low A, a half step below the saxophone s normal lowest note, and some models have a key to… …   Wikipedia

  • Baritone horn — Infobox Instrument color1=#FFD700 color2=#FFEC8B name=Baritone Horn names=Baritone classification= *Wind *Brass *Aerophone range= related= *Horn (French horn) *Alto horn (tenor horn) *Euphonium *Tuba *TrumpetThe baritone horn, or simply baritone …   Wikipedia

  • baritone — baritonal, adj. /bar i tohn /, Music. n. 1. a male voice or voice part intermediate between tenor and bass. 2. a singer with such a voice. 3. a large, valved brass instrument shaped like a trumpet or coiled in oval form, used esp. in military… …   Universalium

  • Bass-baritone — A bass baritone is a high lying bass that shares certain qualities with the baritone voice type.The term arose in the late 19th century to describe the particular type of voice required to sing three Wagnerian roles: the Dutchman in Der fliegende …   Wikipedia

  • Orfeo (Rossi) — Orfeo (Orpheus) is an opera in three acts, a prologue and an epilogue by the Italian composer Luigi Rossi. The libretto, by Francesco Buti, is based on the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Orfeo was first performed at the Palais Cardinal, Paris on 2 …   Wikipedia

  • Transposing instrument — A transposing instrument is a musical instrument for which written notes are read at a pitch different from the corresponding concert pitch, which a non transposing instrument, such as a piano, would play. Playing a written C on a transposing… …   Wikipedia


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